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VIP SUITE terms and conditions

The guest guarantees booking by the credit card (Visa and MasterCard / American Express only). Your credit card is only charged for the full amount when order is confirmed. Payment in full is due on that date. After the credit card authorization is received, the apartment is reserved for you:

  • We guarantee the apartment;
  • We issue the confirmation voucher via email unless other transmittal method is requested. This confirmation is not valid for visa purposes. If you need visa voucher/support, please check visa support section of our website;
  • Payment for a full stay is charged to your credit card account at this time. This amount is Fully refundable unless stay is canceled or reduced less then 30 calendar days before your arrival date;
  • If a certain apartment is not available for the period requested, we offer an alternative available apartment. We will confirm an alternative apartment if you agree to and provide payment for it.

Cancellation/Adjustment Policy: In case of cancellations made more than 14 working days before date of check-in $15 cancellation fee applies. Cancellation/changes made between 14 working days and 7 working days prior to the date of check-in incur a $50 cancellation/change fee. Cancellations made less than 7 working days before date of check-in incur a penalty of one night’s stay fee. Cancellations/date adjustments made less than 7 calendar days before date of check-in are treated as no-shows and incur a penalty of one night’s stay fee at the highest rate (1 night stay rate). We do not charge any fee for extension of your stay if the apartment is available for dates requested.

Check-in/check-out rules: EARLY CHECK-IN is considered between 9am and 2pm. These check-ins incur 50% of the regular nightly rate. Check-ins before 9am are considered a full night's stay and charged at a regular nightly rate. LATE CHECK-OUTS are considered check-outs between 12 noon and 6:00 pm. These check-outs incur 50% of the regular nightly rate. Check-outs after 6:00 pm are considered to be the next night's reservation and will be charged at a full night's rate. Notice! This fee can be collected in cash on the spot.

Inventory damage: Guest(s) will be held responsible for the full cost of repair of any damage done to the apartment, equipment in it, furniture, key lost and/or neighboring apartment(s), due to the guest's negligence or abuse. Guest(s) must inform the company of any damage /breakages during his/her stay immediately.


The Landlord assures that he has full legal right to rent out the Apartment to the Tenant; the Apartment is free from any claims and rights of third persons.

The Landlord will provide the Apartment in good living condition without substantial differences from the description of the Apartment on websites of Landlord:,,

The Landlord will fix all defects in the Apartment that are not caused by the Tenant, will keep the premises and equipment installed by the Landlord in working order. If any defects or emergency conditions occur, or are likely to occur in the Apartment, the Tenant will immediately inform the Landlord about this and the Landlord will take appropriate measures to eliminate the defects.

The Tenant will keep the Apartment and Landlord’s property safe and in proper condition. If the Apartment or Landlord’s property is damaged at the fault of the Tenant, the Tenant will repay the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property to the Landlord.

The Landlord will give one set of keys from the Apartment to the Tenant at check-in. If there is a need of one more set of the keys, Tenant leaves refundable cash deposit in the amount of 500 Rubles. The cash deposit will be non refundable, if the keys are lost.

The Landlord renders services of the maid (time of cleaning of Apartments: from 12:00 till only in the working days), international and long distance calls (according to the appendix in a folder "Instruction"), access to the Internet (at presence at the Tenant of the laptop from OS Windows and network and wifi payments), cable or satellite TV free of charge.

It is forbidden to call directly (through “the eight”) on the international, long-distance directions, and also federal numbers of mobile phones. In case of direct calls (through “the eight”) cost of calls is raised from the client during residing at the given apartment..

The Landlord does not take responsibility in case of faulty work or full refusal of work of cable (satellite) TV, the Internet, the international telephony because of the company of the provider.

The Landlord can visit the Apartment to clean it, to check its condition and the way it is used, in Tenant’s presence with advance notice of at least 2 hours. In exceptional circumstances that require immediate action, the Landlord reserves the right to visit the Apartment without advance agreement with the Tenant.

The Landlord guarantees integrity and honesty of its staff and will assure proper level of security in the Apartment. The Landlord does not carry responsibility for Tenant’s property in the Apartment.

The Tenant is obliged to use the Apartment only for purposes of his/her accommodation.

The Tenant will depart from the Apartment in Landlord’s presence no later than at the departure time described in agreement.

At departure the Tenant will return to the Landlord all the keys from the Apartment that he/she received from the Landlord.

The Tenant has no rights to subrent the Apartment to third persons.

The quantity of the visitors should not exceed the number which was in coordination with the representative of the company during the booking.

Animals are not allowed.

The Tenant undertakes not to break a public order, not to rustle; no loud music, the TV and other similar devices allowed. It is forbidden to talk on the raised tones from 21.00 (9 PM) till 09.00 (9 AM)

In case of committing an infringement of the present contract by the Tenant, the Landlord have the right to move the Tenant from Apartments without returning the cost of renting.

The Tenant undertakes not to go use footwear in Apartments.

In case of claims, the Tenant is obliged to issue the claim in writing and to transfer it to the representative of the company (by fax or e-mail) within the period of 20 days from the moment of the termination of using the Apartments.