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Airport transfers in European cities offers pick services at the airport and train stations to deliver you safely to your apartment, train station or any other destination. The driver will puck you up holding the plate with your name on it. Below are transfer and rental prices in Euros. Please call in or e-mail your reservation at least 3 business days in advance. All transfer services have to be prepaid in advance.

Private airport transfer

City Airport Description
Prague Prague Ruzyne Int’l Airport
From 1 to 4 pax – 25 euros
From 5 to 8 pax – 160 euros
Pardubice Airport From 1 to 4 pax – 90 euros
From 5 to 8 pax - 225 euros
Budapest Budapest International Airport From 1 to 3 pax – 17 euros
From 4 to 5 pax – 30 euros
Rome Rome Airport From 1 to 4 pax – 50 euros
From 5 to 6 pax – 60 euros
Barcelona Barcelona International Airport From 1 to 3 pax – 60 euros
From 4 to 7 pax – 80 euros
Paris Any airport From 1 to 4 pax - 55 euros
(VIP service)
5 or more – available upon request
Madrid Madrid Barajas Airport
(Madrid Int’l Airport)
From 1 to 3 pax – 70 euros
From 4 to 7 pax – 92 euros
London Heathrow Airport From 1 to 3 pax- 68 euros
4 or more – 78 euros (minivan)
Gatwick Airport From 1 to 3 pax – 93 euros
4 or more – 107 euros (minivan)
Amsterdam Amsterdam Shiphol Airport From 1 to 6 pax - 72 euros

If you are ordering round trip transfer, please fill in
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* What would you like us to have on the sign the driver will hold:

It is better if your phone works in Russia, so you will be able to contact the driver in case your flight is delayed, and that the driver can reach you as well.

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After you fill in the form and submit it, you'll be contacted by our representative within 1 business day with final confirmation. Credit card won't be charged until we confirm the total amount with a customer.