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Visa Services

Visa Services to Russia and Ukraine and other former USSR countries

Russia, Ukraine, and most other former Soviet countries require you to get an official visa support or "invitation" before you can apply for the visa to the Consulate. This "invitation" is usually an official document from a travel agency, registered with the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, describing services booked for the client. If you're interested in independent travel and do not need assistance in booking any services but require visa support only, we will be happy to assist in providing your visa support to the country of your destination. We provide "invitations" to Russia and Ukraine as fast as the same business day, and to other  former Soviet republics as fast as 2 business days.

While it is usually not difficult to obtain a visa to Russia, and unless you are a notorious blacklisted spy, visa issuance is almost guaranteed, there are many important details which have to be followed to insure timely visa receipt from the consulate.